CyberSecurity Awareness Program

CyberSecurity Awarenessgetting attacked through email

The latest security technology may protect core systems whether they are at home or in a working environment.

They cannot protect against internet users whether at home or at work from:

  • Giving away personal information on social networks,
  • Using easy to discover passwords on email and bank accounts,
  • Opening email attachments without thinking,
  • Going to unsafe websites or
  • Having mobile equipment lost or stolen

Everyone is a target, and the biggest targets are the the most at-risk user of the internet they are the uninformed, innocent and unaware.

Everyone needs to have some level of CyberSecurity Awareness.    If you are using the internet, and who isn’t, then you need to be aware of the dangers of the medium.

So we have developed this little course so people can tighten up their cyber security requirements and so that they are more aware on the internet.


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