CyberSecurity Awareness is the best way of getting your policy to protect your business

  Cyber Security awareness is all about protecting your business.   Cyber security awareness also needs something that your staff and users understand the reason for doing it.  

Cyber Security Awareness program - teaching your people
Cyber Security Awareness program

You have to start somewhere, right!

The problem is where to start!

New firewall, better management, more resilience, improved culture or is it just too frigging hard to just get started?

So why not start with cyber security awareness and a business policy?   Your policy, what you want your staff to understand concerning your business.   What they are allowed to do, or better still what they are not allowed to do.   What happens when they cross the line that you have put in place.

An information and data and cyber security policy is not only hard to create but it can be fairly hard if not impossible to get your users and staff to understand how important it is to both them and your business.

Using this policy, download it for free, no registration, just click on either of these links PDF or Word2010.   This is your starting point.

A good cyber security policy is designed to protect the business as well as protect the users and staff.   It adds an expectation to all concerned about what will be done, what they are allowed to do and more importantly what can get them fired.

Another, and a more noticeable trend is that most information and cyber security policies get lip service.   They are signed off with no consideration of what is actually been signed off.   Do they understand why you have the restrictions, do they really understand what they can do or not do on the Internet.   Do they understand what is considered a breach in your eyes.   Do they understand your standing on social media or bring your own devices (BYOD)

But the policy is just the start, do they understand how important their password is, do they understand the danger that is the Internet?    Social media, just another headache for both them and you.

One of the best ways to get users to understand what information security is all about is to train them.   This can be an expensive and time consuming process which is lost to your business when your staff leave but is invaluable to them as a person.

Do you want to train your staff, if so why not try the introduction module to this 6 part course that focuses on your policy.    Help your staff to understand passwords, social media, business information, email and the basics of a secure personal attitude to the Internet.

Your staff could be one of the uninformed, uneducated, unaware or innocents that are the main targets of the cyber criminal.   if you make them more aware then you are adding substantial protection value to your business.

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